Thursday, 26 November 2009

Making Marks

On a Saturday in June two of our members; Maureen and Jenny kindly arranged a workshop for us on how to use Markal Paintsticks.
A whole day was spent making various marks on calico squares using Maureen and Jenny's extensive set of paintsticks.We used stencils or cut our own using freezer paper and the markal paints were applied using a toothbrush and brushing the stencil and fabric lightly to give a light shading appearance. We also tore strips of paper and used these to create a landscape type picture as well as a more random effect design.
It was a great day of fun and lots of samples were produced for inspiration for future projects.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Ann Cox Ribon Embroidery workshop

On Easter Saturday a number of our members took part in a ribbon workshop hosted by Ann Cox a renowned local embroideress with several books to her name. Everyone worked hard but it was great fun and made easier by Ann's very thorough explanation of each stage.

Ann explaining how to do it

The tutor's sample and finished picture

Members hard at work

Rainbow Squares

The Embroiderers Guild has thousands of Members, most of whom are members of local Embroiderers' Guild Branches spread all over the UK. Even though the branches are grouped into regions there can still be many miles between each branch.
To encourage communication and engender a sense of belonging to the region and the Guild as a whole the idea of rainbow squares was conceived by Pamela Pavitt the then Branch chairman in what was the South East Region in 1996/7 as a project which was easy for beginners to do and interesting for experienced embroiderers.
Each branch who wanted to take part was allocated a colour and willing members then stitched a 4inch square in any technique, but using predominately, the allocated colour. Each branch then stitched their squares together in strips and when hung together with the colourful strips from other branches produce a wonderful rainbow. The rainbow strips of squares are regularly exhibited at regional events and at public events where they provide a focus of interest to promote the Embroiderers' Guild.
Our Rainbow Squares shown in the heading above were completed a couple of years ago. Our theme was Spring and the colour was predominately shades of yellow with a small amount of purple as a contrast colour. 48 squares were completed by our members and were then stitched together by a working party at a stitch morning.

A bit about us

We are a friendly bunch of enthusiastic embroiderers from around the Solent area. We are from all walks of life, all ages and experiences from tentative beginners to professional embroiderers. Meetings are lively and the few workshops we have each year are always fun and well attended. We try to ensure the speakers we choose appeal to as many of our members as possible and our workshops cover many techniques both hand and machine embroidery.

Past workshops have included Faye Maxwell 'Crewel and Unusual', a new twist on an old (handworked) technique; Ruth Smith 'Chinese Folded Books', a fascinating insight in to Chinese embroidery and the construction of a Chinese embroidery thread container; Caroline Hyde Brown 'Celebrations of the Sea', a machine embroidered landscape; to name but a few.

Within these pages we hope to give new members and visitors an insight to our meetings and workshops.

We hope you enjoy looking around and look forward to welcoming you at one of our meetings.