Sunday, 26 April 2009

Rainbow Squares

The Embroiderers Guild has thousands of Members, most of whom are members of local Embroiderers' Guild Branches spread all over the UK. Even though the branches are grouped into regions there can still be many miles between each branch.
To encourage communication and engender a sense of belonging to the region and the Guild as a whole the idea of rainbow squares was conceived by Pamela Pavitt the then Branch chairman in what was the South East Region in 1996/7 as a project which was easy for beginners to do and interesting for experienced embroiderers.
Each branch who wanted to take part was allocated a colour and willing members then stitched a 4inch square in any technique, but using predominately, the allocated colour. Each branch then stitched their squares together in strips and when hung together with the colourful strips from other branches produce a wonderful rainbow. The rainbow strips of squares are regularly exhibited at regional events and at public events where they provide a focus of interest to promote the Embroiderers' Guild.
Our Rainbow Squares shown in the heading above were completed a couple of years ago. Our theme was Spring and the colour was predominately shades of yellow with a small amount of purple as a contrast colour. 48 squares were completed by our members and were then stitched together by a working party at a stitch morning.

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