Saturday, 27 October 2012

Titchfield Millenium Tapestries

We are very fortunate to have the the Titchfield Parish Rooms as our venue for our meetings as the walls are adorned with some fabulous tapestries. These were commissioned back in 2000 to mark the new millenium. There are 6 panels in total each representing a period of history relating to Titchfield or Ticefield as it was originally called. Further information about the tapestries can be found here.

A website about the history and how the tapestries were designed is posted here

 The photograph above was taken at an exhibition a few years ago and you can see the tapestries on the wall in the background.  You may get a better look if you zoom in or better still pay us a visit we are a friendly bunch and we have some wonderful speakers during the year.
    We are lucky to have such wonderful wall art for our visitors to admire.