Monday, 2 February 2015

Our History 1992 - Present


If you have been following our blog to this point you will see that we are a very happy and active branch with members who have lots of imagination and enthusiasm.  You may have seen our tablecloth laid out at our exhibitions and wondered about it so I thought it would be a good time to document a little of our history.

Our branch was formed in 1992 after a meeting of local embroiderers led by Pam Lander-Brinkley.  It was decided a group was needed in the Fareham area and they were completely overwhelmed when over 80 members turned up at the first meeting in the Neville Lovett Community School in Fareham.

The first speakers were all local embroiderers who gave of their time to get the group going.  Workshops were established and we went from strength to strength.

To celebrate that first year  a cake was made in the shape of an embroidery hoop, and it was displayed on a cloth embroidered with everyones signature.

To mark the 15th Anniversary year we added an under cloth with all the new and present members stitched around the bottom of the hem.

You can just see the under cloth with some of the signatures in the picture below, 

We no longer have the number of members that we had in those days but our group continues to be happy and successful and it is interesting to read the cloth and fondly remember the members who are no longer with us.

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